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Learn which are the policies you must adhere to when getting in touch with the escorts
At the time you speak to the women solutions, you need to comply with some rules with your company. Amongst the major problems that you have to follow these escorts are:
- Good therapy: you have to treat the companions very well as you would your friends or family members near you. You do not need to insult the companions, give them bad treatment, hit them, or offend them by any means due to the fact that you will be censored. If you get censorship in these companion firms, you might not enjoy this solution once more for a long time.
- Comply with the rates: you have to adhere to the hourly or daily payment rates with the companions to appreciate all their solution. You should understand repayments as well as do it at the right time to make sure that the escort is close to you. If you do not make the corresponding repayment, you will go into debt with the agency, giving you a really significant issue in your life.
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If you do not follow these rules with the escorts, the service might be suspended, and you have financial obligations with the charge agencies. Much of these agencies are really disrespectful when it involves accumulating debts so that you might remain in danger.